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The Tewkesbury Space Program.

We have storage rooms and lockers as well as our popular container self-storage units at the Tewkesbury Space Program. Our Tewkesbury Space Program Mission Controller is Malcolm and he’s always on hand to answer your questions — just give him a call!

Secure, accessible storage for your home and business in Tewkesbury

You need somewhere safe and dry to store your stuff in Tewkesbury. Come right in! Our Space Program units in Tewkesbury are available in a range of sizes to suit every need. What’s more, they’re all at ground level for easy access. At Tewkesbury, we also offer our popular Secure Sign & Store service as well as storage rooms and lockers. And here’s some extra good news — we include insurance cover in our already competitive rates.

Hi! I’m Malcolm, Mission Controller of the Tewkesbury Space Program.

Hi! I’m Malcolm, Mission Controller of the Tewkesbury Space Program

Confused by the options for self-storage in Tewkesbury? Got some questions about the world of self-storage?
Just get in touch and I’ll get you all your answers! Call me on 01684 621024 or email me at
I'm here to give you help and advice and if you call in, I'll even put the kettle on!

Malcolm Harris
Mission Controller, Tewkesbury Space Program

Where to find us

We’re easy to find on the Northway Trading Estate. As you turn into the estate, we’re straight ahead of you. Just look for the rockets.

For your satnav, our address is Northway Trading Estate, Northway Lane, Ashchurch GL20 8JH

Working from home

Lots of enterprising people earn extra money by buying and selling from home. The money’s great but all that stuff in the house and garage can cause the occasional domestic! If this is you, chat to us about how a secure storage units could solve your clutter problems.

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Makeover stress

The Space Program can help reduce the stress when when you’re doing a bit of DIY or getting a new kitchen fitted. Just move all your stuff into a unit and suddenly you’ve got room to move! Our minimum storage term is only two weeks — call us to find out more.

New home blues

Have you just moved into a new build and discovered there’s not as much space as you need? Our smallest Space Program units are the size of a small garden shed — except they’re weatherproof and 100% secure! Get in touch and we’ll explain how it works.

Hobby harmony

Are you accumulating an awful lot of stuff related to a hobby or interest? If so, we can help. One of our storage units could be the perfect way to restore some harmony. Call us to find your solution if your hobby is taking over your home.

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Call us today on 01684 621024 for more information or email us using our contact form.

Store your stuff

Just need somewhere to keep your stuff safe and dry? Rent a ground-level unit inside our secure Space Program compound and then come and go as you please. You can have 24/7 access with your unique access code and you can park right outside your unit. We even include insurance.

Storage for business

Outgrown your own space? Or got a large delivery due? Or just need somewhere secure to hold your stock? We help local businesses large and small solve these and many other challenges. Plus we include insurance in our prices — even for business stock.

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Secure Sign & Store

Need someone to take deliveries for you? Easy. Start by renting a self-storage unit inside our secure Space Program compound. We'll receive your deliveries and lock them away safely in your own unit. You have 24/7 access, so pick them up whenever you're ready.

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Storage rooms and lockers

Need a little less space than you’ll find in one of our Space Program containers? At Tewkesbury you can rent a storage room or locker instead of a container. As with all our units, you have 24/7 access.

Open all hours

Our Space Program self-storage centres are safe and secure, giving you peace of mind. You can get to your stuff at any time of day or night using your unique access code and park right outside your unit, 24/7. Plus we include insurance in all our rental packages.

Can't Find What You Are Looking For?Contact Us

Call us today on 01934 245027 for more information or email us using our contact form.

How much is self storage in Tewkesbury?

If you’re ringing around for prices, we can save you a lot of time. We’ve already contacted local storage companies to find out about their services and prices. To see how they compare to ours just click the button below.

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Find out what our customers think.

Our mission is to provide you with the space you need with service that’s out of this world. You can find out how well we’re doing by finding out what our customers have to say. You’ll find some of our reviews on Google and others on our Trustpilot page. We publish them all so that you get a true picture of how we’re doing.

Which size units are available in Tewkesbury?

5ft unit

This is the baby and holds about the same as a garden shed or a small van.

It measures 5ft x 8ft x 8ft

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20ft unit

Getting bigger! This is the size of an average garage and has room for the same quantity of stuff as you’d fit in a 7.5 ton lorry.

It measures 20ft x 8ft x 8ft

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Storage Lockers

Our one metre lockers are really useful if you just need a little bit extra secure storage. They are inside our Space Program building and are ideal storage for students or your hobby equipment.

1m x 1m x 1m

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Storage Rooms

These are great if you want to store some stock or empty a room for a couple of weeks whilst you decorate. In sizes from a large cupboard to a garden shed.

from 25sq ft to 75sq ft

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