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Container Size Guide.

This size guide should help you get a good idea of how much storage room you’ll need. It depends whether you want to cram everything in and use up all the space or whether you want to be able to get to things. The guide is no substitute for a chat to one of our experts but it will give you a good idea of which size unit you need.

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  • icon-size-house-1

    Garden Shed

    25 sq ft - 40 sq ft
  • icon-size-house-2

    1-2 Bed House

    40 sq ft - 80 sq ft
  • icon-size-house-3

    3 Bed House

    80 sq ft - 160 sq ft
  • icon-size-house-4

    4+ Bed House

    150+ sq ft
  • icon-vehicle-1

    Transit Van

    25 sq ft - 40 sq ft
  • icon-vehicle-2

    Luton Van

    40 sq ft - 80 sq ft
  • icon-vehicle-3

    7.5 Tonne Lorry

    80 sq ft - 160 sq ft
  • icon-vehicle-4

    Large Removal Lorry

    160+ sq ft
  • icon-box-1

    75 Boxes

    30 sq ft - 50 sq ft
  • icon-box-2

    150 Boxes

    50 sq ft - 100 sq ft
  • icon-box-3

    300 Boxes

    100 sq ft - 200 sq ft
  • icon-box-4

    600 Boxes

    200+ sq ft

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*This is a guide due to the fact that the amount of stuff everybody has is different

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