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Dave Newport

Mission Controller, Avonmouth Space Program

Dave is our new Mission Controller at Avonmouth Space Program.  Dave has previously worked in sales and training for 30 years in the computer and motor industries.  He’s also successfully ran his own business for 8 years based around motorcycles.  In his spare time, Dave enjoys building and tinkering with anything mechanical especially motorcycle (spending far too much money and time on them!), and spending time with his family and friends.

What’s the best bit?  ‘I aim to provide a professional, friendly service offering honest straight forward advice, to make the selection of storage as painless as possible.’

Unexpected fact:  ‘I stood on the Grid before the start of British Superbike meetings, with riders whose bikes I have helped to prepare.  I’ve also flown over Bristol in a Michelin Balloon at the International Balloon Fiesta.’

And if you had a magic wand?:  ‘I’d wish for health and happiness for all my family and friends, and more time to eat cake!!’

Ian Bird

Mission Controller, Bristol South Space Program

Ian is our Mission Controller at the Bristol South Space Program. He’s hard to miss at 6 foot 7, described more than once as the BFG.  Ian had a very varied career before he joined The Space Program including inventing things, running his own business and working in sales.

What’s the best bit? ‘I’m really looking forward to making a success of the new depot and meeting and helping all our future customers.’

Unexpected fact: “I once threw Robson Green into a pile of rubbish (admittedly it was on a film set in Hong Kong!)”

 And if you had a magic wand? ‘I would add an inch to my height then I would officially be a giant and airlines would have to give me exit seats at no extra charge.’

Andre Sejournant

Mission Controller, Swindon Space Program

Andre is our man in Swindon, in charge of selling, delivering, and managing our Space Program services there. He spent 20 years in the fitness industry, business centres and apprenticeship key account management. Our customers reap the rewards of that vast experience. Weight training and martial arts are his out-of-hours passion.

What’s the best bit? ‘I enjoy delivering great service to each and every one of our customers.’

Unexpected fact: Don’t have one ????

And if you had a magic wand? ‘Just happiness all round would be nice !’

Malcolm Harris

Mission Controller, Tewkesbury Space Program

Malcolm is our Mission Controller at the Tewkesbury Space Program. “I always aim to give 100% and treat the business as if it was my own offering knowledge, professionalism and a desire to help the customer.” Before he joined us, Malcolm worked in sales for 35 years travelling 50,000 miles a year in the UK and Europe. His spare time is all about family. With, 2 children and 6 grandchildren he knows time is precious and you can never get it back

What’s the best bit? ‘Being professional and solving someone’s storage problems. Giving customers good advice and being proud to work for a company that cares.’

Unexpected fact: ‘I am a football referee and once refereed Holyoaks TV team in front of three and a half thousand screaming fans.’

And if you had a magic wand? ‘Health and happiness for my loved ones and Liverpool to win the premier league.’

Sarah Morrissey

Mission Controller, Weston Space Program

Sarah is in charge of our Weston Space Program, a key role that’s a mix of sales and good, old-fashioned customer service. She has always worked in customer service and could barely contain(er) herself when she landed this job. Oh, and there’s not a lot Sarah doesn’t now know about containers! Off-duty, she enjoys socialising and watching football.

What’s the best bit?
‘It’s really varied work and I enjoy helping people find the extra storage they need.’

Unexpected fact: Sarah has gambled in Vegas and has a weakness for VW Beetles.

And if you had a magic wand? ‘To sing in tune — and win the Lottery!’

Julian Jones

Space Program Business Development Manager

Julian draws on a successful career in sales and business management to — as he puts it — spread the Space Program gospel wherever he goes. His main goal is ensuring we all deliver a level of service that’s out of this world. And his reward to himself at the end of the day? The odd glass of red wine and a cigar. Julian is bilingual, speaking Welsh as well as English.

What’s the best bit? ‘Working with the Space Program team — yes, every single one of them!’

Unexpected fact
: Julian has watched rugby played on every continent except Antarctica. (He also claims to have once finished a ‘yard of ale’ in 17 seconds…)

And if you had a magic wand?
‘A public flotation of the bank of mum and dad!’

Rachel King


Rachel is our Marketer.  She enjoys writing about all things Space-related!
When not at work, she’s into trail running and believes the proper way to fuel for a run is eating large amounts of cake, jelly tots and chocolate.

What’s the best bit? ‘I’m really looking forward to introducing the world of space to our future customers.’

Unexpected fact: “I used to play cricket for a local ladies team

 And if you had a magic wand? ‘Obviously I’d wish for health and happiness for my family and friends,  but I’d also like a sub 26 minute parkrun time!’

Simon Saverton

Systems and Data Guru

Simon is officially in charge of making sure our IT systems work as they should and supporting all our teams. But he’s also one of the longest serving team members and the self-proclaimed fount of all Space Program knowledge. That means there’s not much he doesn’t know about keeping our customers happy. Cheering on West Bromwich Albion features high outside work, as does spending time with his three young children.

What’s the best bit? ‘The variety — every day at the Space Program is different, but always with the same end goal in sight.’

Unexpected fact: Simon came second in a melon eating and throwing contest in Hamburg.

And if you had a magic wand? ‘I’d be manager of the England football team.’

Katie Richardson

Business Administration

Katie is our Business Administrator. Katie first joined The Space Program as an Apprentice. As the mother of two young boys, she had her work cut out for her. She enjoyed her role and completed her apprenticeship and is now a full-time member of the team.

What’s the best bit? ‘Working alongside a friendly and wonderful team, who are willing to support you through anything.’

Unexpected fact: ‘When I was 19 I travelled to Germany for an ST (Ford Focus and Fiesta ) car meet and went around the Nürburgring.’

And if you had a magic wand? ‘Health and happiness for friends and family or make chocolate a healthy snack.’

Hazel Edwards

Managing Director

Hazel leads the Space Program team and loves sharing her passion for all things container. She was a research scientist in a previous life and has a PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry. This no doubt explains why she’s so good at doing the detail as well as all the big picture stuff. Away from work, Hazel is happiest discovering new places and exploring fresh ideas.

What’s the best bit? ‘All the fabulous people I get to meet and work with who help grow and develop the business.’

Unexpected fact: Hazel once played hockey in a team that came top in their league without conceding a single goal.

And if you had a magic wand? ‘Health and happiness for me, my family and friends.’

Tim Edwards


Tim was a supertanker pilot before he discovered that ocean-going containers work equally well on dry land. He’s piloted some of the world’s largest ships up and down the river Humber and is now the steady hand that leads the Space Program in the right direction. Not altogether surprisingly, Tim’s passion when he’s not at his desk is racing sailing yachts.

What’s the best bit? ‘Seeing the Space Program grow and our brilliant team develop.’

Unexpected fact: Tim left his home on the Wirral to go to sea aged just 17.

And if you had a magic wand? ‘Everton to win the Quadruple, with Seamus Coleman winning the Ballon d’Or.’

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