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THE Socially Distanced Self-Storage Solution

Tim Edwards
  • Tim Edwards
  • 28th May 2020
  • Renting Storage Space Self Store Storage Containers

Right now, sadly, we are all having to minimise contact with people we don’t know. But we want to carry on the rest of our lives as normally as we can.

When choosing self-storage, at least you have a choice. People normally think about warehouse-style self-storage facilities because they see them pretty much wherever they go. There is an alternative and perhaps, especially at this time, you should think again. Have you thought about self-storage in shipping containers?

Briefly with self-storage in containers:

  • There are fewer touch points to access your stuff
  • The aisles are wide enough for vehicles unlike internal corridors
  • The units are all at least 8ft apart
  • You are out in the open air

Plus, at The Space Program, we have a completely ‘touch free’ way to sign up. Everything can be done remotely. You don’t need to come into contact with any team members if you would prefer not to.

That is why self-storage in shipping containers is THE Socially Distanced self-storage solution.


Let me explain:

Think about the number of things you need to touch to store your things. If you are using a container, you drive straight up to your storage unit and use your keys to unlock your padlock on your unit. No one else will have touched these. In a warehouse, you need to touch the trolley to load your stuff and a door to get it into the building. There may be internal fire doors to open and you may need to touch the keypad on the lift. You can then use your keys to unlock your padlock on your unit. In both cases, you may need to use an entry keypad out of hours.

At The Space Program, the aisles between our containers are typically 20ft wide. Two people walking past each other can easily maintain their Social Distance. This is not so easy in the corridor of a self-storage warehouse which will typically be 5ft wide.

A container is 8ft wide so you will always be 8ft away from your neighbour even if they are in their unit. This might not be the case in the warehouse corridor.

So, if you are considering self-storage for the first time or if you don’t feel comfortable when you visit your self-storage warehouse, at least you now know that there is an option.

Still not convinced? Hazel has made this video explaining the other pros and cons of different types of self-storage in more normal times.