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An essential for house movers and always useful for anyone looking to self-store. Perfect to pack away all those bits and pieces and, thoughtfully, they come packaged up in a box!

10 x Small boxes 36cm x 43cm x 26cm

10 x Medium boxes 43cm x 42cm x 41cm

5 x Large boxes – 56cm x 46cm x 46cm



Containers are sealed, so no water can get in, and they are vented to allow air to flow through. If everything is dry when it goes into the container, everything will stay nice and dry.

However, if you are storing things which may have a bit of moisture in them, washing machines for example, condensation can sometimes be a problem. There’s more about condensation here.

The Dampstick works by absorbing airborne moisture and storing it inside a reservoir , which can be disposed of when full. They generally last approximately 3-6 months.

LED Lights

72 LED lamp lights –  If you need to throw a little light on things, bright, magnetic and perfect to stick inside a container!

LED Light