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Can I fit all the stuff from my house in a container?

Dave Newport
  • Dave Newport
  • 9th November 2020
  • Renting Storage Space Self Store

Can I fit all the stuff from my house in a container? 

Of course, that depends on how big your house is!  

Seriously though, the answer is almost certainly ‘yes’. 

Self-storage containers come in a range of sizes. These are generally from around 10’ by 8’ (about the size of a garden shed) right up to 40’ x 8’, which has the capacity of a double garage. So you’ll have no problem fitting it all in.

Start by finding out roughly what size you need — use this handy guide to help — then ask for guidance. 

 And if you’re at all worried about condensation, there’s no need. It’s a myth that containers get condensation. You can find out more about condensation and damp here. 

 Contact us with any questions, and we’ll be happy to help.